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New Music, New Merch, & Nerd Talk

Wow.It’s the day before my birthday, and Indiscreet releases to all online stores at midnight tonight. I made merch and even though most people haven’t heard the songs yet (except for Wrong with Me), there are several people who already purchased the merch! I took a chance and decided to order custom USB drives instead…

Wrong with Me

My first release of 2021 is now being sent to lots of online stores and streaming services! January 21, 2021, Wrong with Me will be available for your listening pleasure. It’s a single that will be part of an EP, but I’ll tell you more about that later. It feels brand new, but Wrong with…

Beat Making

I recently dove into the world of beat making. This is the album art for the first two beats I put out for sale. For now, I’m using Beatstars.com as the platform that I sell beats on. It’s a website where artists (mostly rappers) can search for beats and then lease them for a pretty…

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