October 2020

Here is a list of songs I produced or contributed vocals or instrumentation to this month:

That’s nineteen songs!

I have never worked so hard, for so many hours, on music in one month before in my life. Even my most successful month of FAWMing did not come close to this amount of music creation! These songs obviously have not all been released yet, and some might never be released on streaming services because they were made with the intention of getting licensed. But most of these creations will be released in the near future, and some of them are already available to stream or purchase.

So, remember my blog post titled “What’s Next?” where I outlined my priorities, and at the end I said some sort of disclaimer that my goals and priorities could always shift and change dramatically?

Well, they did.

After writing that, I discovered that there is an artist who rebranded herself as Katie Dwyer Music. It didn’t bother me that much (because that is her actual name, after all) until I realized that google has mixed all our information, songs, social links, and more together, as if we are the same artist. I’m not cool with that. It also makes me wonder if there are other streaming services and search engines out there who are mixing us up or think we are the same person. I’ve made an effort to correct google (with no response yet). I also wonder if she was aware of me and decided to use the name anyway, knowing that people searching for me might end up accidentally listening to her. If I was going to release my first album and someone else, who had my exact name, was already actively releasing music under that name, I would definitely choose a different name (like maybe my first name and middle name, or a creative alternate stage name that resonates with me). I think that’s why this situation is so surprising to me. The whole thing is just unnecessary. There is a positive spin to this though. I now have someone who is unknowingly, accidentally encouraging me to push myself to write more, release more, and market myself in a better and more unique way than they are currently doing, so that eventually when someone searches my name, I am the first thing that shows up.

The next thing that happened that completely shifted my priorities is that a hip hop artist, Heyoka, hired me to mix and master his upcoming album, Toksa Ake (which, if you were wondering, means “See You Later” in Lakota). He has a ton of unreleased, original material, and we had to narrow down his long list in order to choose the songs that I’d be able to get done within this month. I’ve always enjoyed hip hop, but it’s never been my main genre. I’ve never mixed any hip hop songs before this project! So, as I’m sure you can imagine, I had to learn a lot about common rap/hip hop mixing techniques in this genre as I worked through this project. He was patient and appreciative through the entire process, and I’m so thankful that he trusted me and my artistic taste to help him complete this project.

Now that I have completed Toksa Ake with Heyoka, my efforts will shift back toward completing my indie rock artist EP, and everything that comes with it (new photos, new merch, marketing, etc.). Then, I can start working with other South Dakota artists that I want to collaborate with! These include, but are not limited to, Kara Brusven, Humbletown, and Tiana Spotted Thunder. I’m so excited to start writing with all three of these incredible artists!

One reason I am proud of the work I’ve done this month is that, in addition to completing more music than I ever have before, I was able to continue teaching weekly free ukulele lessons on Twitch, and I continued teaching my children their homeschool curriculum. I also made my ukulele students a private facebook group so they can share their progress with me, and I taught my two year old daughter the names of each piece of my drum kit. Her favorite is the high hat.

I will keep this entry short and simple. I have more ideas that I would love to share and put into action, but I am trying to contain my excitement and finish the things that I start before moving on to the next project. So I will keep these to myself for now, but please stay in touch so that as soon as I’m ready I can share these new musical adventures with you.

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