Beat Making

I recently dove into the world of beat making.

This is the album art for the first two beats I put out for sale.

For now, I’m using as the platform that I sell beats on. It’s a website where artists (mostly rappers) can search for beats and then lease them for a pretty low price. There are other similar websites that I may try in the future. In fact, I’ve already advertised myself as a singer and mix engineer on SoundBetter, and it turns out they allow you to sell “tracks” after you have proven yourself by getting a certain amount of verified reviews. So hopefully I can start selling beats/tracks there soon too.

A couple people I talked to were surprised that there is a market for selling beats, but there definitely is. I think some rappers spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect fit for their projects, and it turns out, I enjoy working on hip hop songs.

If you think about it, it’s a win win situation. I make a new song that I think someone could rap over, and whether the song gets purchased right away or not, I exercised my skills as a producer (maybe even learned something new in the process). Also, if someone buys the cheaper song lease option, which is the most popular thing people do, I don’t have to take it off the site and could potentially sell the same track many times.

Anyway, if you’re a rapper or another type of artist that doesn’t have the means to fully produce their own material, you should definitely check out the tracks that I’ve put up so far. If nothing floats your boat, you can always head over to SoundBetter and hire me to make a custom production specifically for your song, since I need those verified reviews anyway.

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