New Music, New Merch, & Nerd Talk

It’s the day before my birthday, and Indiscreet releases to all online stores at midnight tonight.

I made merch and even though most people haven’t heard the songs yet (except for Wrong with Me), there are several people who already purchased the merch! I took a chance and decided to order custom USB drives instead of CDs as my physical copies of the EP. I’m glad I did. Although more expensive, I love that I can easily customize these USB drives by writing on them and adding music to them (yay – bonus songs). The pouches are so cute, but they are not easy to make. Honestly, I probably should have charged more! My mom embroiders and sews them. I’ve only help with cutting and trimming so far. Every run to the post office has been exciting!

I worked really hard making sure these songs were the most professional and polished songs that I’ve ever created, hiring a professional drummer, spending hours recording and mixing with my husband, getting professional mix feedback and mastering done from Focus Mastering… which, if you want to totally nerd out with me, look at this incredible client list! Maybe Doug will add my name to his list soon, and it can live on his website alongside some of my absolute favorite artists!

I also researched tons of marketing techniques so that I could get my music heard by the people who are the most likely to enjoy it. I have a pretty small fan base, not very many friends, and I have NO live gigs lined up (thank you covid). I also live in a rural town where there aren’t a lot of venues, and barely any bands or singer-songwriters who put together showcases centered around original music. I have been performing on Twitch about once a week, and I do have a birthday stream planned for tomorrow. The inconsistency of my Twitch streams is not helping me grow much there, though. I thought I had wasted money investing in submithub and playlist parrot (places where you can submit your music to bloggers, playlist makers, podcasters, video creators, and more), but it seems to be working out! My single, Wrong with Me, is getting way more attention than my other releases ever did. I’m definitely going to repeat the process for the rest of the EP as soon as it is released.

Here is a little chart showing my Spotify followers.

I know it’s not millions, or thousands, or even hundreds yet, but I sure am going in the right direction. For the past couple months I’ve had new followers pretty much every single day. I’m not going to stop making music and putting it out there, so I don’t expect this trend to plateau any time soon. If you’re following me on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, or Amazon Music, thank you so much! You’re really helping me out! The more people who listen to my music and add it to their personal playlists, the more these algorithmic platforms favor my music and start associating my songs with similar artists or songs. It actually helps way more than you’d expect, because it’s not like I’m just getting .003 cents because you streamed my song. It’s as if you just voted for that song by listening to it or 🤍ing it, and after a while, Spotify (or whatever platform you’re using) decides that if enough people are listening and adding it to their personal library of saved music, it must be worth listening to. And then they start recommending the song to similar users, and it leads to better discoverability – an increased chance of getting new fans, followers, listeners, subscribers, merch customers.

So, um, my point is… Thanks.
I truly appreciate you.

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